CITE Seminar: Scaling Digital Humanities on (and utilising) the Web

CITE and Faculty of Education joint seminar - Local literacies and community spaces: transitions and transfers in the 'learning lives' of youth

CITE Seminar – Beijing and Hong Kong young people's social media use and online/offline political participation: a comparative study (re-scheduled seminar)

CITE Seminar – A Techno-social Model for Determining Online Readership Popularity

CITE & Faculty of Education joint seminar - NTCIR: An International Evaluation Platform for Information Access Technologies

CITERS2015 - Open registration

CITE Seminar – Social Strategies in Action: Driving Business Transformation

CITE Seminar – Towards Tutoring Systems based on Knowledge-rich Community Models

CITE Seminar – In Search for Collaborative Wisdom: Social Search in a Mobile Environment and Health Information Service Design

CITE Seminar – Emotion-based Music Analysis and Beyond