CITE Seminar: Managing the Process of Organizational Change in E-learning Development in Higher Education at Institutional Level

CITE seminar – What can be learnt from e-Learning Pilot Programmes? Perspectives from pilots in Hong Kong and England

CITE Seminar - Scaling in Education: Maximizing the impact of Research and Development Interventions

CITE & Faculty of Education joint seminar-Research at Dalhousie University's Social Media Lab

CITE & Faculty of Education joint methodology workshop - Automated Discovery and Visualization of Formal and Informal Learning Networks from Social Media

CITE & Faculty of Education joint seminar - Learning Analytics in the Age of Social Media

CITE Seminar: Teaching in the Virtual Environment at HKU

CITE & Faculty of Education joint seminar - Are school-university-government (SUNG) partnerships necessary for sustainable and scalable innovation?

CITE & Faculty of Education Joint Seminar – Teaching Cartography at Scale in a Massive Open Online Course

CITE Seminar – Research Seminar by National Taiwan Normal University Faculty Members: Mining Behavior in the Mobile Environment/Technologies in Education: Online Cooperative Learning and Computer Science Education