CITE & HKU-IDS Joint Seminar

Towards AI-Powered Data-Informed Education

Updated: 10:26am, 14 Mar, 2023
31 January 2023 (Tue)
Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing Two & Zoom (Hybrid)
Prof. Sihem Amer-Yahia , CNRS Research Director, Lab of Informatics of Grenoble, France
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The COVID-19 health crisis has seen an increase in the use of digital work platforms from videoconferencing systems to MOOC-type educational platforms and crowdsourcing and freelancing marketplaces. These levers for sharing knowledge and learning constitute the premises of the future of work. Educational technologies coupled with AI hold the promise of helping learners and teachers. However, they are still limited in terms of social interactions, user experience and learning opportunities as they must address a tension between learner-centered and platform-centered goals. Professor Amer-Yahia will describe research at the intersection of data-informed recommendations and education theory and conclude with ethical considerations in building educational platforms.

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About the speaker(s):

Sihem Amer-Yahia is a Silver Medal CNRS Research Director and Deputy Director of the Lab of Informatics of Grenoble. She works on exploratory data analysis and fairness in job marketplaces. Before joining CNRS, she was Principal Scientist at QCRI, Senior Scientist at Yahoo! Research and Member of Technical Staff at at&t Labs. Sihem is PC chair for SIGMOD 2023 and vice president of the VLDB Endowment. She currently leads the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative for the database community.

Professor Amer-Yahia is a Visiting Research Professor, under the Visiting Research Professors Scheme for the year 2020-23 hosted by Department of Computer Science, The University of Hong Kong.

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