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Jockey Club Coding For Community

Computational thinking (CT) is an emerging competence in digital literacy. It qualifies our new generation of youth in solving problems in our technology economy this century. Coding is central for students to develop CT and become effective computational thinkers. Learning how [...]
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Intelligent DEsign-Aware Learning Analytics Empowered 21C Learning & Teaching System

The project aims to develop the Intelligent DEsign-Aware Learning analytics empowered 21C Learning &Teaching System which will provide primary and secondary schools with the complete set of tools they need for e-learning design, implementation, assessment and learning-analytics-based feedback support to students, [...]
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Integrated Self-directed Learning Approach to School-based STEM Curriculum Development

The project aims to build professional capacity of schools and teachers for innovative STEM development through the adoption of self-directed learning (SDL) pedagogy, enhance teachers’ assessment literacy especially in relation to STEM education, and build joint-school networks for sustainable and scalable [...]
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