AI-empowered Future Learning: Design for Learning, Learning Technology and Digital Literacy

Aligning AI Literacy with Industry: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Future Readiness

Updated: 10:47am, 15 Nov, 2023
31 October 2023 (Tue)
Room 101, Runme Shaw Building, HKU / Online via Zoom (Hybrid mode)
Prof. Cecilia CHAN , Director, Teaching and Learning Innovation Centre, HKU
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Ensuring future readiness among the technological advancements characterised by Artificial Intelligence (AI) is pivotal in today’s dynamic landscape. But what future readiness do we need? Many are talking about AI literacy, what is that and how can this help us to prepare to be future ready? This presentation will share insights from our research on the development of an AI literacy framework, designed to equip individuals across various disciplines with the necessary knowledge and skills. We will explore how different sectors define their expectations in the context of AI competencies and how these align with our proposed framework. We will demonstrate some applications in different industries, showing the varied needs across disciplines, ensuring the relevance of AI literacy in diverse professional contexts. Through this, we aim to foster a dialogue on building a robust, multidisciplinary AI literacy that not only fulfils the immediate demands of industries but also serves as a foundation for future developments.

About the speaker(s):

Prof. Cecilia Chan is a Professor in the Faculty of Education and Director for the Teaching and Learning Innovation Centre at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). With a dual-discipline background, she possesses expertise in both engineering and education, particularly higher education. Her combined expertise in these fields has enabled her to lead and conduct research on topics such as assessment and feedback, experiential learning, and technology-enhanced learning, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence in education and the development and assessment of 21st-century skills (holistic competencies). Prof. Chan serves as the President of the Asian Society for Engineering Education and is an associate editor for both the Journal of Engineering Education and Studies in Educational Evaluation. Her work, adopted by software companies and utilised globally, has garnered industry donations and funding. She continues to work closely with organisations worldwide to promote the development of holistic competencies.

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