Understanding and Integrating Artificial Intelligence in Education: A Workshop for Educators

Updated: 5:33pm, 20 Dec, 2023
14 November 2023 (Tue)
Room 101, Runme Shaw Building, HKU / Zoom (Hybrid mode)
Prof. Charoula Angeli-Valanides , Department of Education, University of Cyprus
Dr. Gary Wong, Faculty of Education, HKU
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Amid an era characterized by staggering technological advancements that persistently evolve our educational landscape, this workshop can be viewed as a valuable guide and resource for educators and educationists, as it will equip them with the requisite understanding to effectively wield the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the ever-evolving realm of education. It caters to a broad audience, from technologically adept individuals to those on the cusp of their AI exploration, offering valuable insights and practical approaches.

Participants will be engaged with various AI tools, each with unique potential to challenge and reshape conventional teaching and learning (T&L) paradigms. With expert guidance, they will develop more profound insights into creating and delivering AI-enhanced learning designs to augment content delivery, stimulate learner engagement, and encourage critical thinking capabilities. Additionally, it will delve into the ethical considerations accompanying AI integration in education to endow participants with the awareness to utilize such tools responsibly.

The session is designed for a broad audience, inviting anyone interested in employing AI in their T&L practice, irrespective of their prior AI knowledge, experience, or expertise. However, they must bring their personal computers for the hands-on activities, while all necessary AI software and tools will be provided during the session.

For enquiries, please contact the Office of Research, Faculty of Education at hkchow@hku.hk

About the speaker(s):

Professor Charoula Angeli is a revered professor in the Department of Education at the University of Cyprus, Nicosia, where she specializes in Instructional Technology. Her work is a compelling intersection of technology and education, significantly contributing to the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPCK) framework and technology in teacher education. She has notably advocated for enhancing teachers' skills to integrate technology into their teaching practices effectively.


Her research extends to instructional design and technology-enhanced learning, aiming to create engaging, productive, and inclusive educational environments. She is keenly interested in exploring individual cognitive differences and how these influence learning with computers. Additionally, her work in the realms of computers and education and computational thinking explores the impact of computer-based learning and how to incorporate computational thinking into curricula best. Her comprehensive research portfolio underscores her commitment to shaping technology integration in teaching and learning, solidifying her position as a leading voice in her field.

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