Learning Analytics and Learning Design: Empirical Studies and Future Plans

Updated: 3:02pm, 12 Jan, 2024
15 November 2023 (Wed)
Room 101, Runme Shaw Building, HKU / Zoom (Hybrid mode)
Dr. Xiao HU , Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong
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Learning analytics harnesses the power of data to understand and improve learning. It has the potential to inform and enhance the design of effective learning environments, ultimately improving educational experiences for learners. In this talk, I will introduce my team's work on learning analytics that aims to enhance students' learning through providing automated feedback. Based on the experience, I will present reflections on how learning analytics can be connected with learning design. The goal of this talk is to simulate discussions on the synergistic relationship between learning analytics and learning design, illuminating the opportunities and challenges that researchers and educators must navigate in their quest to optimize educational experiences through data-driven insights.

About the speaker(s):

Dr. Xiao Hu, is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). Her research focuses on leveraging technologies to improve learning and wellbeing. Dr. Hu leads the Cultural Computing and Multimodal Information Research group who have been working on the domains of learning analytics, affective computing, and artificial intelligence in education. Dr. Hu serves as the coordinating co-chair of the Big Data in Education and Learning Analytics (BDELA) track in the IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT) and an Associate Editor of Information Processing & Management (IP&M).

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