Harnessing Generative Artificial Intelligence for Creative App Development for Learners: A Hands-on Experience

Updated: 2:48pm, 20 Feb, 2024
8 December 2023 (Fri)
Room 101, Runme Shaw Building, HKU
Dr. Ken KAHN , University of Oxford
Dr. Gary Wong, Faculty of Education, HKU
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One could envision a future in which advanced artificial intelligence (AI) agents, such as ChatGPT, enable anyone, regardless of expertise, to develop sophisticated computer programs and apps effortlessly. In contrast to conventional programming, this alternative approach significantly emphasizes learners' imaginative and design-oriented faculties. As evidence of its potential, numerous apps have been created via this approach, including a conversation simulator, a text-analyzing neural network, and a gesture-responsive drawing tool. This seminar is an excellent opportunity for researchers, educators, and learners to explore how higher-level conversations with AI agents are leverageable for effective app development. They will learn the innovative use-case scenarios of this approach for teaching and learning, including the generation of debates, simulations of historical discussions, and illustrations of stories. To further delve into each of these scenarios, subsequent workshops will be organized to provide more practical and hands-on experiences in the future.

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Dr. Ken Kahn has explored the intersection of AI and education for over five decades. He authored one of the earliest papers on this topic in 1977 and earned his PhD from MIT's AI Lab in 1979. His notable contributions include ToonTalk, a child-friendly programming language resembling a video game, and a plethora of AI programming resources for children (available at He will be in Hong Kong until February 2024 and is keen to collaborate with individuals interested in harnessing chatbots for creative app development in middle and high schools.

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