Coding with Generative Artificial Intelligence: Creating Creative Educational Apps using Bing Chat and GPT-4

Updated: 4:43pm, 5 Mar, 2024
24 January 2024 (Wed)
Room 101, 1/F., Runme Shaw Bldg., HKU (on-site participation only)
Dr. Ken KAHN , University of Oxford
Chair by:
Dr. Jane MOK, Assistant Director, CITE, Faculty of Education, HKU
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Discover the intersections between education and generative artificial intelligence (AI) in a hands-on workshop that empowers you for innovative app development. Learn how to use Bing Chat to provide nuanced instructions to GPT-4 for creating creative educational apps. The workshop will feature a live demonstration of app development using Bing Chat and CodePen, showing the development of more than twenty novel apps. You will receive step-by-step guidance on harnessing these tools through immersive, hands-on exercises. In a collaborative environment, you will pair up to conceptualize and design your custom educational apps, drawing upon your prior knowledge and expertise. Additionally, you will learn to demystify the ‘art-of-prompting’ to leverage these tools effectively. This hands-on experience will enhance your prompt engineering skills and ignite your curiosity about the strategic use of generative AI in education.

About the speaker(s):

Dr. Ken Kahn has explored the intersection of AI and education for over five decades. He authored one of the earliest papers on this topic in 1977 and earned his PhD from MIT's AI Lab in 1979. His notable contributions include ToonTalk, a child-friendly programming language resembling a video game, and a plethora of AI programming resources for children (available at He will be in Hong Kong until February 2024 and is keen to collaborate with individuals interested in harnessing chatbots for creative app development in middle and high schools.

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