CAUT-CITE SEMINAR 1: ICT and changes of Higher education

Updated: 1:50pm, 14 Nov, 2022
23 February 2001 (Fri)
Room 101, Runme Shaw Building, HKU
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Dr. Lindstrom will discuss some general trends in the change of higher education - with regard to missions, structure, organization, content and teaching/learning - that are effected by the development of information and communications technologies (ICT). First, Dr. Lindstrom will examine some of general patterns of change of higher education during the last decade, globalisation, massification, and virtualization. He will also discuss the demands put on higher education from these changes, on accessability, adaptability, quality and cost-effectiveness. Secondly, Dr. Lindstrom will look at patterns of change in society as a whole related to ICT-infrastructure, functionality of ICT-tools and services, commercialization of ICT, mass-media and ICT, and ICT-use in working life. Dr. Lindstrom will maintain that these changes are crucial of the changes that are taking place in higher education. He will illustrate how these changes might be conceptualized in terms of flexible learning, especially in the context of net-based education or e-learning. Contemporary work at University of Goteborg in Sweden and Twente University in the Netherlands will be elaborated as an empirical examples by Dr. Lindstrom.

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