CAUT-CITE SEMINAR 2: Blackboard E-Learning platform

Updated: 10:28am, 14 Mar, 2023
23 March 2001 (Fri)
Room 101, Runme Shaw Building, The University of Hong Kong
Mr. Walter Chow
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Blackboard 5 is an e-Learning software platform developed for educators to enhance their teaching and learning environments through the use of the Internet. Blackboard believes that the full impact of the Internet on education combines course Web sites with customizable portals, academic resources, online communities and back-office integration. Blackboard 5 delivers a flexible and comprehensive platform that can be configured to meet the needs of your institution, faculty members, students and administrators.

About the speaker(s):

Mr. Walter Chow is the Regional Manager (Hong Kong and South China) of Info Access & Distribution (HK) Limited, which is a member of iGroup. iGroup is an authorized distributor of Blackboard products. iGroup is made up of a group of companies in the information industry across Asia-Pacifc. In recognition of the cooperation and partnerships the companies have with each other, iGroup was formally formed in 1999 to share our resources and to better serve our clients and partners by providing a common identity across countries, and offer services that previously a single company could not.Today iGroup is among the largest providers of information services in the region. From eDatabases to eBooks to eLearning, we are continuously improving and expanding our services to the information and knowledge industries. iGroup seeks to be the leading information solutions provider in Asia-Pacific.

For more information about iGroup, please feel free to visit

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