CAUT-CITE SEMINAR 6: Educational Technology in Higher Education at China

Updated: 10:27am, 14 Mar, 2023
12 June 2001 (Tue)
CAUT-CITE SEMINAR 6: Educational Technology in Higher Education at China
Mr. Wang, Qiong , Ph.D. Director, Department of Educational Technology, Associate Professor, Peking University
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This lecture will overview developments in Educational Technology in Mainland China, especially in Higher Education. Who are the main forces in Educational Technology in China? What has been done in recent years? What is being done now? What new initiatives have been planned?

This lecture will describe the work of the Peking University Educational Technology Department in detail. The Department is a new one, but has playing an important role in educational technology developments in China. Colleagues in the Educational Technology Department are eager to have opportunities to work with universities in Hong Kong.

About the speaker(s):

Prof. Qiong Wang, a doctor of Computer Science, graduated from Peking University. Dr. Qiong Wang was appointed as the Director of Department of Educational Technology last November. She is one syndic of the China Computer-Based Education Association, and a Visiting Professor at the National Laboratory on Machine Perception. Her current research focuses on e-learning in web environment, especially on e-learning environment building and evaluation, analysis of students behavior, and web-based instruction methods.

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