CAUT-CITE Seminar on Evaluating Teaching and Learning with Technology: An Introduction to Why and How

Updated: 10:27am, 14 Mar, 2023
24 May 1999 (Mon)
Theatre 4, Meng Wah Complex, The University of Hong Kong
Dr. Stephen C. Ehrmann
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Dr. Stephen C. Ehrmann, Director of the award-winning Flashlight Program on the evaluation of technology use in education, will lead this session on analyzing and improving teaching and learning with technology. The session will summarize some of the most common reasons for using technology to support teaching and learning, and methods for using data to improve education in each of those dimensions.

The session will emphasize discussion; Dr. Ehrmann is interested in learning from us about uses of technology in education in Hong Kong and will draw on his wide experience to tailor his talk to the areas of special concern to the audience. Registered participants for this conference are welcome to send in suggestions for issues related to IT implementation and evaluation in educational settings to be addressed in this seminar by email to before 15th May 1999.

To learn about Flashlight and its methods before this session, you may wish to consult the World Wide Web at Of special interest are two articles posted near the top of the page: "The Flashlight Project: Spotting an Elephant in the Dark" and "Studying Teaching, Learning, and Technology: A Tool Kit from the Flashlight Program." Reading these articles in advance should help improve the usefulness of the session for you.

Enquiries: Miss Candy Leung (2857 8540)

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