CERC : System-Wide Evaluation of ICT in Education

Updated: 1:48pm, 14 Nov, 2022
18 November 2002 (Mon)
Room 101, Runme Shaw Bldg, HKU
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The seminar is co-organized with the Comparative Education Research Centre (CERC).

Policy demands as well as accountability requirements press for more and improved evaluation research on the role and impact of ICT in education. System-wide evaluation encompasses research at the school level on up to comparative cross-national studies. The ongoing knowledge needed to design and implement non-obsolete and effective ICT programs demands a variety of investigations. The research designs will necessarily be multi-level including quantitative, qualitative, longitudinal, and cross-sectional methods. The management model proposed for ICT in education is that of
Knowledge Integration with strategies for assessing and transferring best practices. The great challenge for managing ICT in education is that the potential extends far beyond skills development and curriculum integration into new, transformative ways of learning and teaching. This vision implies the need for new and refined assessments and indicators that address all facets of the educational system. Illustrative indicators and rubrics will be shown that begin to addresses these research needs.

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