University-school partnership for innovation:

Reflections on a 10 year journey

Updated: 4:00pm, 30 Nov, 2022

The seminar is jointly organized by CITE and the Office of Research, Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong

The focus will be on the nature of school-university-government partnerships to support research-based educational innovation. An overview of what is known about effective partnerships will be presented along with a case study involving Laval University in Quebec (Canada) and surrounding schools. Dr. Laferriere is a strong believer in the value of true collaboration between university-based and school-based innovators committed to providing learners the best learning environments. As the cyber-infrastructure develops and teachers see its value for effective teaching and learning, such learning environments are becoming increasingly networked. Characteristics of, and conditions for, effective partnerships for knowledge building will be suggested. Please register by using either of the following method:

Thérèse Laferrière is full professor of pedagogy at Laval University. Her research activities focus on networked learning environments, networked communities, and teacher-student(s) interactions and peer interactions as electronically linked classrooms become reality in elementary and secondary schools as well as in faculties of education and post-secondary education in general. She developed an enduring university-school partnership in Quebec city, one in which the TACT Community is grounded. TACT stands for Technology for Advanced Collaboration Among Teachers ( In this partnership she has been a participant observer within one-to-one laptop classrooms for ten years. She is also an associate researcher at the Institute for Knowledge Innovation and Technology (IKIT) at the University of Toronto.
Professor Laferrière served as President of the Canadian Association for Teacher Education (CATE/CSSE), and was the president of the Canadian Education Association (2001-2002). She was also Dean of Education at Laval University (1987-1995), and President of the Francophone Association of Deans of Education in Canada. She is the current coordinator of CATE SIG Technology and Teacher Education."

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