Using multimodal data to understand, research and design for CSCL (Online via Zoom)

Updated: 3:24pm, 11 Nov, 2022
19 November 2019 (Tue)
via Zoom
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Chair: Prof. Nancy Law, Professor, Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong

Advanced learning technologies have contributed to progress in research learning sciences. There is growing interest in methodological developments using technological tools and multimodal methods in understanding learning process (e.g. physiological measures). I my research group we have been working for multimodal and multichannel data for collecting and understanding complex process of collaborative learning. We have been especially interested in how groups, and individuals in groups, can be supported to engage in, sustain, and productively regulate collaborative processes for better learning. In this presentation I will introduce the theoretical progress on understanding collaborative learning and review how we have been collecting, analyzing and triangulating data about the regulation in learning. I will discuss the current methodological challenges and how methodological progress made can advance research on CSCL.

About the speaker(s):

Sanna Järvelä is a professor in the field of learning and educational technology and a head of the Learning and Educational Technology Research Unit (LET) ( at the University of Oulu. Järvelä and her research group is internationally well known from theoretical advancement of social aspects self-regulated learning (SSRL). Her interdisciplinary research work has strong contribution to the methodological development of process-oriented research methods in the field of learning and collaboration and recently the application of multimodal methods in self-regulated learning research. She is President of EARLI (European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction) (2017-2019).

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