Using Machine Intelligence to Enhance Pedagogical Design Capacity

Updated: 3:37pm, 8 Nov, 2022
14 October 2015 (Wed)
Room 205, 2/F., Runme Shaw Building, HKU
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Chair: Dr. Xiao Hu, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong

Our research examines how computational tools can build teachers’ and learners’ pedagogical design capacity; that is, their ability to create effective and engaging learning experiences using Open Educational Resources (OER). In this talk, I will focus on three “problems of practice” – enduring challenges identified by learning sciences research – to illustrate how educational intelligence algorithms can productively support teachers and learners’ peer production processes and to discuss the challenges and opportunities in this field:
• Using machine learning models to “nudge” users to make better choices when selecting and remixing OER
• Using recommender systems to make pedagogically sound OER recommendations based on a learner’s current knowledge gaps and misconceptions
• Using data mining methods to identify more versus less productive patterns of OER usage in terms of supporting student learning

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<p>Tamara Sumner is Executive Director of Digital Learning Sciences, a joint research and development center between the University of Colorado and the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. She is responsible for leadership of the center, strategy development, and the conduct of the research program. The research examines how cognitive tools, computational algorithms, and interactive media can improve learning outcomes and learner engagement. The research and development team combines expertise in computer science, cognitive science, science education, user-centered design and evaluation, digital content management, and machine learning/natural language processing. <br /><br />Sumner is also an Associate Professor at the University of Colorado, with a joint appointment between the Institute of Cognitive Science and the Department of Computer Science. Her research and teaching interests include personalized learning, interactive learning environments, user-centered design, digital libraries, and intelligent information systems. Prior to joining the University of Colorado, she was a lecturer at the Knowledge Media Institute, at The Open University in the UK<br /><br />~ ALL ARE WELCOME ~<br />For enquiries, please contact Office of Research at 2857 8254.<br /><br /></p>

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