CITE Research Symposium 2002 (IT in Education : Research into Practice)

Updated: 12:39pm, 26 Oct, 2022
6 July 2002 (Sat)
T2 Lecture Theatre, Meng Wah Complex and Levels 1 & 2 Runme Shaw Building, The University of Hong Kong
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The Symposium aims to share and disseminate research findings related to policies and practices on IT in education, promote the use of research to inform and improve educational practice, to strengthen links between research and practice in IT integration in education and to stimulate discussion and reflection amongst researchers and educators in Hong Kong.
This Symposium has been designed to cater for CITE MSc[ITE] and BEd student needs, especially in preparation and in doing research for dissertations and projects. Students who are currently working on their dissertations and projects will be asked to talk about their experiences and to make suggestions for students yet to start their dissertations and projects. CITE graduates who have completed the MSc[ITE] course will be invited to talk at this symposium about their research and the process of completing their dissertations and projects. CITE research and development projects will also be presented and demonstrated.
The main themes for this CITE Research Symposium (CITERS 2002) entitled 'IT In Education: Research Into Practice' are:
* Using research to inform educational planning and classroom practice
* Doing research on IT in schools - issues and dilemmas
The Symposium will be opened by the University's Pro Vice Chancellor of Research, Professor Lee. The final programme for the day is not completed. We will be providing details of the programme as soon as it is ready along with information about online registration for the Symposium.
If you are interested in attending the symposium, please click
<a href=""> here </a> to free registration.

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