eLearning Course Designs @ HKU: Sharing Good Practices

Updated: 11:13am, 17 Nov, 2022
18 June 2010 (Fri)
Room 101, 1/F., Runme Shaw Bldg., HKU
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The seminar is organised by CITE and HKUSPACE-Centre for Cyber Learning (CCL)About the Seminar The introduction of increasingly user-friendly web-based learner management systems have made it relatively easy for teachers to establish online environments for their classes.  However, the simple creation of such environments does not ensure that the facilities are effectively used or that the online environments support student learning. In this seminar eight presenters from different courses at HKU will share their course designs and experiences of effective teaching and learning through eLearning.

About the Speakers

Professor WK Leung, Dentistry, will describe an e-learning course in Periodontology, using Moodle to facilitate in- and out-of-class learning and the sharing of good practices as well as linking Hong Kong and Beijing-based students in the course.

Dr Mark King, Education, will outline how he uses Moodle and Mahara in large classes (150-250 students) in a broadening course in preparation for a new Common Core Curriculum course at HKU.

Dr Daniel Churchill, Education, will share his experiences of using the in-house developed RISAL (Repository of Interactive Social Assets for Learning) to support student learning, networking and sharing of resources.

Diane Stormont, Journalism and Media Studies Centre (JMSC) will outline how new technology is used to support student work and how the Wordpress multi-user Blog Farm and its associated technologies support student collaborative assignment work.

Dr Henry Lau, Engineering. Henry will demonstrate how engineering uses a web-based system development with his students.

Prof. T M Wong, Deputy Director of HKU SPACE & Head of Centre for Cyber Learning (CCL); Dr. Weiyuan Zhang, Head of HKU SPACE Research Centre & Deputy Head of CCL; and Ms. Jeanne Lam, Associate Head of HKU SPACE CCL. The HKUSPACE CCL team will talk about their e-Learning system, illustrated in three e-learning courses in Nursing, Accounting, and Japanese Studies

About the speaker(s):
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