Enhancement of Core University English Course (CUE) through Development of eLearning Moodle Materials

Updated: 3:30pm, 5 Sep, 2022
5 May 2017 (Fri)
Room 301, 3/F., Runme Shaw Bldg., HKU
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Funded by the Teaching Development Grant from the University of Hong Kong (HKU), the purpose of this project is to enhance the learning experience for students in academic discussions by developing relevant eLearning Moodle materials. The project outcome aims to enhance students’ academic discussions in Core University English (CUE), a compulsory English for Academic Purposes course for year 1 undergraduate students, through the eLearning Moodle materials. This out-of-class independent learning site on Moodle, namely "Good Practice for Tutorial Discussion" consists of video exemplars of effective academic discussion strategies from A-grade students which allows CUE students to see excellent performance models. Students can apply what they learn from the Moodle to their discussion practice in CUE as well as the Common Core Curriculum.

In this seminar, the development team of the Speaking Moodle and the course developers will discuss the design of the eLearning materials and showcase the project deliverables.  In particular, the following will be presented:
• pedagogical alignment of the Moodle materials to CUE curriculum
• research initiative and survey data
• demonstration of the Moodle tasks
• demonstration of the interactive features (i.e. gamification)
• challenges of the development and use of the Moodle from teachers' and students' perspectives
• future development of the Moodle

The project findings provide university teachers and course developers an insight into how good practices in using Moodle can contribute to scholarship of teaching and learning in academic speaking strategies. The project also sheds light on the alignment of online independent learning activities with the course curriculum.

About the speaker(s):

Dr. Miranda Legg led the development and implementation of the CAES1000 course from 2010 to 2014. Her research interests include analysis of academic discourse and materials development.

Mr. Ken Ho has been teaching CAES1000 Core University English and technical English in engineering courses. His research interests include academic writing, engineering epistemology and rhetoric.

Mr. Colin Tait has taught CAES1000 Core University English and has previously assisted in the development of discussion questions for the CUE speaking test. He has been involved in action research for Arts and Science English-in-the-Discipline courses.

Ms. Laura Wakeland has been teaching CAES1000 since its inception 5 years ago and also develops and coordinates CAES courses for the Faculty of Medicine. She is interested in developing materials for both English for general and specific academic purposes.

Dr. Natalie Fong is the course coordinator for CAES1000 Core University English. Her research interests include teaching English across the curriculum, e-Learning in English courses and language assessment.

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