ERP Sand Box: Action Research on Practice-Oriented Teaching and Learning (演讲题目:ERP沙盘实验:基于体验的教学模式研究)

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9 December 2008 (Tue)
Rm 101, Runme Shaw Bld., HKU
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Sand Box, is a role play and experience platform for simulation game. In this study, Sand Box based on ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning, a type of enterprise management system) is used for vocational training. This is an experience-oriented teaching and learning model based on co-operation between teachers and students, or students with other students, in which the theory and practice are connected, and role play and position experience are merged. Via participation in ERP Sand Box games, the students are able to transform knowledge into practical skills more quickly and smoothly. The presentation will start from the problems faced by the vocational education in mainland, especially in the economics and management education. The presentation will introduce the ERP training program using Sand Box in Wujiang Vocational Technology College, an institution of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications (NUPT), China. Together with the Sand Box practice, the action research cycle of reflection, planning, action and observation, and reflection again will be discussed.

(the language of presentation for the seminar is in Chinese (Putonghua))

(摘要:沙盘(又称为模拟游戏)是针对企业管理系统--ERP企业资源计划系统--所设计的一个面向角色体验的实验平台。这是一种教师与学生、学生与学生之间紧密合作的体验式的教学方式,它将理论与实践融为一体、把角色扮演与岗位体验集于一身,从而使学员在参与、体验中完成从知识到技能的平稳转化。 本演讲从中国大陆高等职业教育目前面临的问题,特别是我们经济管理专业如何有效解决这些问题入手,介绍了南京邮电大学下属的吴江职业技术学院经济管理系将沙盘实验教学作为行动研究项目开展的情况。演讲中将通过沙盘游戏的教学情景介绍该项行动研究的反思、计划、行动和观察以及再反思的循环过程.)

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About the speaker(s):

About the speaker(s):Bio Professor of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications (NUPT) Head of Discipline of Management Science and Engineering Member of Academic Committee of NUPT Director of Economics and Management Department of Wujiang Vocational Technology College of NUPT 南京邮电大学教授、管理科学与工程学科带头人、校学术委员会委员 南邮吴江职业技术学院经济管理系主任

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