Good Practices Dissemination Workshop – "Using an Online Database of ICT-supported Good Pedagogical Practices to Scale Up Innovations across Schools" 優秀案例分享及發佈會:「利用資訊科技網上平台推動學校發展,共享優秀案例成果」

Updated: 12:17pm, 14 Nov, 2022
10 December 2005 (Sat)
Room 101, 1/F., Runme Shaw Building, The University of Hong Kong
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CITE was commissioned by the EMB in January 2005 on the "Development of an Interactive Platform for the Consolidation and Dissemination of Good Practices through the Internet in Schools". Over the past year, we and the schools have successfully constructed a database of innovative IT-supported case studies to highlight the key dimensions of innovation as well as the features and contextual factors involved in each of those case studies. This database also acts as a sharing platform for teachers to explore and reflect on their own pedagogical uses of information and communication technology with other interested education professionals. Some schools have generated innovative pedagogical practices using ICT that have proved to be effective in enhancing student learning. These schools are very willing to share their experiences as well as the resources they have developed in this process in a dissemination workshop on 10 December, 2005.
Teachers/principals of project participating schools, CITE members and education professionals are now cordially invited to participate in the Good Practices Dissemination Workshop, “Using an Online Database of ICT-supported Good Pedagogical Practices to Scale up Innovations across Schools”. We are sure that the participants of the workshop will learn a lot to plan, review, and evaluate their current and future school strategic plans from the actual experience sharing and discussions of the good practices schools.

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