Information and Communication Technology in Education in China: Policies and Practices

Updated: 4:22pm, 21 Oct, 2022
31 October 2005 (Mon)
Room 101, 1/F., Runme Shaw Building, The University of Hong Kong
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<B><I>This seminar is co-organised by the Centre for Information Technology in Education (CITE) and Faculty of Education, HKU</B></I>

Current policies and practices in ICT in education in China were developed on the basis of its achievements in the area of instructional technology. Therefore, past policies and implementation strategies in instructional technology provided the foundation for the fast development in the area of ICT in education. This seminar will start with a brief review of the history of ICT in education in China. The current state of development in integration ICT into the school curriculum will be examined from five perspectives: curriculum development, resources development, contemporary distance education, application of information technology and teacher professional development. Finally, the seminar will discuss problems, challenges and strategies for further developments in this area in China.

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