Let's talk about Moodle: Sharing and discussing with students

Updated: 3:28pm, 5 Sep, 2022
9 March 2017 (Thu)
Room 205, 2/F., Runme Shaw Bldg., HKU
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Discussant: Prof. Ricky Kwok, Associate Vice-President (Teaching and Learning), Professor, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department, The University of Hong Kong

In this sharing session, students from the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Engineering will share their personal experience about using Moodle. We believe that there is an inseparable relationship between teaching and learning. Students who are the largest group of Moodle users in the university should not miss the seat to talk about the use of Moodle. In this seminar, the complementarity between students and teachers in using Moodle will be explored. A chance will also be opened up to talk with students in the form of open discussion. It will be a valuable experience to see students, teachers and Moodle as a communicable system in our university.

About the speaker(s):

About the speaker(s):

Ricky is a Professor in the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department. From January 2013 to December 2016, Ricky served as an Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems. Ricky is currently Associate Vice-President (Teaching and Learning), assisting the Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning) in various T&L endeavors related to e-learning (e.g., MOOCs).

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