"Strategies for enhancing and evaluating interactivity in web-based learning and teaching"

Updated: 11:55am, 17 Nov, 2022
16 December 2010 (Thu)
Room 101, Runme Shaw Building, HKU
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Interaction and participation are crucial ingredients in the learning process. But interactivity as a concept is not easily tracked and measured. This seminar will explore how teachers can evolve strategies to enhance interactivity. The presenter will outline criteria and student activities to consider in evaluating success in interactive web-based teaching and learning. These will be illustrated in the context of two web-based linguistics courses. The presentation concludes that teachers in higher education can encourage students to have a more positive attitudes to lectures through effective ways of increasing interaction, such as structuring the learning environment in such a way as to achieve a ’conversational learning community’.

This session is one of a series of presentations on using technology to support teaching and learning at HKU as part of the Earmarked Teaching Development Grant (TDG) for the 4-Year Undergraduate Curriculum Reform project "Building Communities of Good Practices in using IT in the Curriculum."

About the speaker(s):

<p><span><span>Adams Bodomo is Associate Professor and chair of the Department of Linguistics, School of Humanities, HKU. He specialises in linguistic theory (morphology, syntax, and semantics) and computer-mediated communication, particularly the use of information technology in linguistic analysis. He has published widely on web-based teaching and learning and currently serves on the editorial board of the International Journal of Web-based Teaching and Learning Technologies. His latest book is on computer-mediated communication:<span>&nbsp; </span>Bodomo, A. B. 2009. Computer-Mediated Communication for Linguistics and Literacy: Technology and Natural Language Education. IGI Global, Hershey, PA,USA. 374 pages. </span><a href=&quot;;DetailsType=Description&quot;><span>;DetailsType=Description</span></a></span></p>

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