CITE Seminar Series 02 (Knowledge building in project-work : Social & affective aspects)

Updated: 3:10pm, 25 Oct, 2022
14 January 2002 (Mon)
Room 101, Runme Shaw Bldg, HKU
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Information technology (IT) accelerates the information transmission rate and the knowledge renewal cycles. To cope with the challenges that the IT age poses to learning, new ways of perceiving learning and new pedagogical approaches emerge. Amongst the expanding literature, knowledge building is one of the important concepts which assumes as its core intellectual co-construction activities in a community. Researchers like Bereiter & Scardamalia claim that children can also engage in knowledge construction just as researchers do. Collaborative project-based learning activities have emerged as a popular pedagogical approach to bring about knowledge building. However, how knowledge building takes place in project work is still a relatively less researched area. In this seminar, the speaker will provide a review of literature that suggests that the social and affective aspects of project work play a crucial role in the knowledge building process.

About the speaker(s):

Angela Chow is a Mphil student of the Department of Curriculum Studies of The University of Hong Kong. She has been involved in several projects in the field of IT education, such as educational software development and qualitative investigation of project-based and self-directed learning. Currently, she is the project manager of an international project, SITES, which aims at studying the innovative practices of IT classrooms in Hong Kong. This seminar is a confirmation seminar for her Mphil.

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