CITE Seminar Series 02 (Knowledge Forum)

Updated: 12:48am, 30 Aug, 2022
18 October 2000 (Wed)
Room 101, Runme Shaw Bldg, HKU
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Knowledge Forum (KF) is a software package based on the Computer Supported Intentional Learning Environment (CSILE) to help develop a knowledge-building community through the supports for knowledge construction, progressive inquiry and collaboration. The key features in KF includes tools for the construction and storage of notes, tools for collaboration, scaffolds that direct users toward particular cognitive operations, and keywords that help users focus on concepts. KF has been used in regular educational programs at the primary, upper elementary, secondary and graduate school levels. The users are expected to pose questions, define their own learning goals, acquire and build a knowledge base, and collaborate with one another. The ongoing practice of these operations helps users acquire the sorts of learning strategies that characterize expert learners.

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