CITE Seminar Series 03 (Qualitative Research and Computer Analysis: New Challenges and Opportunities)

Updated: 2:48pm, 25 Oct, 2022
13 November 2000 (Mon)
Room 101, Runme Shaw Bldg, HKU
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The use of computers for Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA) in qualitative research has been growing rapidly in the last decade. QDA programs are software packages developed explicitly for the purpose of analyzing qualitative data. A range of different kinds of program is available for the handling and analysis of qualitative data, such as Atlas/ti, HyperRESEARCH, and NUD*IST. With the development of new technologies, the QDA software has advanced from the efficient code-and-retrieve ability to the development of sophisticated organizing system or conceptual tool for data analysis as well as information management. This presentation is an initial discussion on the impact of database and web technology on QDA. The following issues will be discussed: why or how QDA methods are different from the database approach as means of managing and exploring unstructured data; what data mining and web search tools offer to qualitative research; what QDA software should do to support web-based research; and what methodological and technical problems are posed for web-based QDA by the web itself.

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