CITE Seminar Series 07 (The revolution of schooling? Changing patterns of teacher-student interactions in the era of new technology)

Updated: 2:54pm, 25 Oct, 2022
26 February 2001 (Mon)
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This seminar will have four parts. First, Dr Lindstrom will describe the penetration of new technology in the Swedish society. Secondly, he will review some contemporary Swedish initiatives of introducing Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the Swedish educational systems. Dr Lindstrom will especially focus on three initiatives. One focusing on "innovative" school projects, one focusing on competence development of teachers; and one on the development of teaching in higher education. He will base the review on evaluations of the initiatives. Thirdly, Dr Lindstrom will review some studies of the conditions for "institutionalising" ICT, that is, making new technology an integral part of everyday educational activities. In the final section he will discuss the pedagogical rationale(s) behind these initiatives and how ICT relates to these rationales. In this discussion Dr Lindstrom will especially focus on how ICT is changing the activities in the class-room and the patterns of teacher-student interactions.

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