CITE Seminar: Trends and Issues in Education for Teacher Librarianship in Australia

Updated: 12:12pm, 27 Oct, 2022
16 November 2006 (Thu)
Room 101, Runme Shaw Building, the University of Hong Kong
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The presentation will examine the major trends in education for teacher librarianship in Australia. Issues of direct concern to the profession of teacher librarianship as a specialist position in schools will be identified and situated in a global context. The presentation will conclude with a discussion on the future of education for teacher librarianship with an emphasis on the situation in Australia and Hong Kong.

About the speaker(s):

Dr Ken Dillon is the Associate Professor in Teacher Librarianship and Head, School of Information Studies at Charles Sturt University (CSU).

He was formerly a teacher and teacher librarian in both government and non-government schools in New South Wales. Ken is Course Coordinator of the Master of Applied Science (Teacher Librarianship) at CSU. He has coordinated many professional development activities and presented at numerous conferences nationally and internationally. He has contributed to a range of scholarly and professional journals and has co-written and co-edited several books including "Brought to book: Censorship and school libraries in Australia", "School library automation in Australia" (2 editions) and "Collection management for school libraries" (2 editions). Ken is Co-Administrator of OZTL_NET, a listserv community for teacher librarians in Australian schools. His current teaching and research interests include online learning communities for teachers, issues related to student access to the Internet, the information needs and professional development of teachers and teacher librarians, contemporary conceptions of teacher professional learning, teaching and learning online and censorship in schools. In 2005, Ken was recipient of the John Hirst Award "in recognition of his commitment and support of teacher librarianship and school libraries" from the Australian School Library Association (NSW).


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