CITE Staff Retreat Day 2011

Updated: 9:49am, 14 Nov, 2022
2 March 2011 (Wed)
Kong Siu Luey Lounge, Robert Black College, HKU
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Introduction to key CITE projects and research-related activities:

<li>Research projects
<li>Promoting a Collaborative Teaching Approach to Inquiry Project-based Learning with Web 2.0 at Upper Primary Levels (PBL project) – Dr. Sam Chu</li>
<li>Provision of services for conducting an evaluation study on the roles of teacher-librarians in public sector schools – Dr. Sam Chu</li>
<li>Professional Development Network for Knowledge Building in Schools (KBTN/KBIP project) – Mr. Johnny Yuen </li>
<li>Learning 2.0: an Online Platform and a Teacher Support Network for Curriculum and Assessment Innovation in Liberal Studies for the NSS Curriculum (Learning 2.0 project) – Ms. Hidy Tse</li>
<li>Development of Evaluation Tools for Assessing Student's Information Literacy and Promoting Information Literacy Among Students (SC IL project) – Dr. Y. Lee</li>
<li>Second information Technology in Education Study 2006 (SITES 2006) – Dr. M. W. Lee</li>
<li>CITE Research Symposium (CITERS) – Dr. Bob Fox</li>
<li>CITE e-journal: Information, Technology and Educational Change (ITEC) – Dr. Bob Fox</li>
<li>Knowledge exchange
<li>SCMP articles – Dr. Bob Fox </li>

Group discussion

CITE's vision is “Empowering Communities and Transforming Learning”, and this has guided all of our research, development and knowledge exchange work. However, our community engagement in the past has focused very much on the school and higher education sector. This year, we want to strengthen our partnership with RPg students in the Faculty, particularly those pursuing their research with members of the I&TS Division. Hence we would like to focus our discussion on:

<li>What roles would RPg students/graduates like to play in CITE activities that would be helpful for their research/career development? (possible areas of engagement include CITE projects, publications, CITERS, ITEC (CITE ejournal), professional development courses and knowledge exchange)</li>
<li>What mechanisms should be put in place to foster stronger partnership between RPg students and CITE?</li>

About the speaker(s):
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