Enhancing collaboration among learners using Wikis: A hands-on workshop

Updated: 5:18pm, 11 Nov, 2022
31 October 2012 (Wed)
Room 101, Runme Shaw Building, The University of Hong Kong
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Planning a course, a seminar or a curriculum where learners use participative technologies like collaborative Web sites (Wikis) demands a specific storyboarding and scaffolding of activities (Dillenbourg, 2002; Schneider, 2006), especially when collaborative elements like mutual exchange during the learning period, peer-rating or peer-commenting and formative evaluations are involved (Notari, 2012). The workshop will show how different learning curricula proposed by the workshop participants may be adapted in order to maximize learner’s collaboration by making optimal use of the potential of wikis.
Participants are welcomed to bring a syllabus or a course (seminar, project-based unit, workshop…) outline they plan to transpose, adapt or optimize by using participative Web technologies.
After a very short introduction of ‘The Wiki-Way of learning’ and some practical advice around how to use a wiki, participants will work on the learning scenario they bring along. In groups, participants will discuss and come up with a possible way of using wikis in maximizing learner’s collaboration in the scenario. Participants will then create and construct a collaborative platform for their scenarios using the proposed Wikis. Different course implementation sketches will be compared and discussed.

About the speaker(s):

<p>Dr. Michele Notari is a lecturer at the University of Teacher Education in Bern, Switzerland and honorary assistant professor in the Faculty of Education, the University of Hong Kong. He has published several journal articles, a book and book chapters related to collaborative learning using participative technologies. He studied biology and computer sciences in Bern and received a master degree in educational technologies at the University of Geneva. He is currently spending a sabbatical of three months at the University of Hong Kong and working together with Dr. Samuel Wah Chu, Deputy Director of CITE in the Faculty of Education, the University of Hong Kong.</p>

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