E-Leadership Training Course for School Principals and Vice-Principals

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28 November 2008 (Fri)
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<h4>About the Courses</h4>
E-Leadership Training Course for School Principals and Vice-Principals

I take great pleasure to inform you that the Centre for Information Technology in Education (CITE) has been commissioned by the Hong Kong Education City to develop courses titled "E-Leadership Training for Primary School Principals" during 1 Dec 2005 to 14 Feb 2006 and "E-Leadership Training Course for Secondary School Principals" during 28 Nov 2005 to 14 Feb 2006. The leadership courses are designed to support school principals and vice-principals in building knowledge, skills and understanding of on the potential impact of ICT in supporting learning and teaching and the key issues, including contextual ones, related to strategic planning to realize such potentials. The courses will take on an action learning orientation so that principals will develop their own school's ICT in education plan for the next academic year and beyond. The courses will adopt the blended learning approach comprising face-to-face workshops, online learning activities and school visits so that school principals and vice-principals will also experience the use of ICT in supporting their learning in this course.

Target participants: Secondary School Heads and Deputy Heads, Primary School Heads and Deputy Heads

Objectives: By the end of the course, it is hoped that the following outcomes will emerge:

* A network could be formed among participants on the implementation of IT in education;
* The participants will develop an understanding of the key aspects of innovation in IT;
* The participants will develop an IT action plan for their school in the coming school year;
* The participants will explore models for learning and teaching with IT;
* The participants will see, debate and understand how their own learning experiences in this course may be relevant to the integration of IT in actual school classrooms to bring about the goals of the curriculum reform currently underway;
* The participants will develop an understanding on the emerging technology in education.

School principals and Vice-principals are highly encouraged to take this valuable opportunity to broaden their horizon on IT in education and issues related to school strategic planning in the future. Please click on the following links in the training calendar for more details on the course outline and for course enrollment.

E-Leadership Training Course For Secondary School Principals<a href="" target=_blank></a>

E-Leadership Training Course For Primary School Principals<a href="

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