e3Learning Tools: Showcasing and Test Driving

Updated: 12:01pm, 14 Nov, 2022
17 February 2006 (Fri)
Room 101, 1/F., Runme Shaw Building, The University of Hong Kong
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Using examples from a variety of disciplines - nursing, business, design, engineering, languages, and science - this seminar will demonstrate how the Web can foster interactions with content, instructors, and peers. The Web materials are drawn from more than 100 purpose-built learning objects, utilizing many different web tools and methods like animations, simulations, quizzes, games, and peer critiques. Please refer to <a href=></a> for examples.

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Josephine Csete has a PhD. In Educational Systems Development and more than 15 years experience in designing, developing and implementing educational innovations as well as teaching others to do so. She has been working at Hong Kong Polytechnic University since 1995 - in a department charged with "improving the quality of teaching and learning" on a campus of over 1,000 full time teaching staff and over 15,000 undergraduate and graduate students. She was the Principal Project Supervisor of the "e3Learning Project" and is now the Section Leader of the newly created "e-Learning Development and Support Section" at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She believes the web has the potential to redefine what and how we learn, as well as broaden the definition of "learner".

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