Changing Technologies, Changing Teaching Practices? Power Struggles in Hong Kong Schools

Updated: 12:36pm, 14 Nov, 2022
19 May 2004 (Wed)
Room 101, 1/F., Runme Shaw Building, The University of Hong Kong
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Chair by Dr. Sue Trinidad

Abstract:In 1998 the new Hong Kong government made clear its perception of information technology (IT) as an agent of change positioning technology as a powerful educational tool that can play a catalyst role in the transformation of school education? (EMB, 1998, p.1) where IT can assist in changing school practices from predominantly teacher-centred to more learner-centred approaches. In this study the impact of IT on teaching practices in schools was investigated from the point of view of teachers undertaking a course in IT in education in the Faculty of Education, HKU. The analysis revealed that while these teachers had taken up the challenge to use IT in their teaching, their practices had, to date, little changed. This seminar explores from different perspectives the causes of limited success and poses possible solutions in moving towards meeting the government's goals.

Enquiries: 2859 8015 (Office of Research, Faculty of Education)

About the speaker(s):

Bob Fox research concerns technological practice and change in education, staff development and new and flexible learning and teaching strategies.

James Henri has written extensively on issues that relate to information studies. He is known internationally for his seminal work on the information literate school community.

Lau Fai Kim has ten years of teaching experience in mainstream and special schools in Hong Kong. Currently, he is a part-time research assistant and tutor and will start his PhD research within the Faculty of Education, HKU in September

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