Faculty Research Seminar: Stage I and II -Research into Innovative Pedagogical Practices Online

Updated: 12:43pm, 14 Nov, 2022
23 June 2004 (Wed)
Room 101, 1/F., Runme Shaw Building, The University of Hong Kong
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Chairperson: Dr. Sue Trinidad

The IPPO Stage I was funded by a research grant from HKUSPACE. The outcomes of this project have been substantial and have included a sound understanding of student motivation for study and student lifestyle factors that enabled instructors to better tailor teaching to the needs of students. In addition IPPO consisted of a series of action research interventions in selected modules that acted as catalysts for better teaching and learning outcomes. IPPO Stage II is an extension of the initial project and has been made possible by funding from both the University's small project fund and CITE research and development fund which will enable further interventions in selected modules building on the experience of the outcomes of stage one. IPPO has been a particularly valuable project because of the involvement of multiple investigators who have been able to look at changing pedagogical practice to improve student learning outcomes while using online technology to support learning and teaching.

IPPO Stage I team members were: James Henri, Albert Chieng, Alvin Kwan ,Sandra Lee, Felix Siu, Teddy So and Sue Trinidad and (RA) Lai Ming

IPPO Stage II team members are: James Henri, Bob Fox, Alvin Kwan ,Sandra Lee, Felix Siu, Teddy So and Sue Trinidad and (RA) Lau Fai Kim

All are welcome!
Enquiries: 2859 8015 (Office of Research, Faculty of Education)

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