Hong Kong and International Results Dissemination

Updated: 4:05pm, 8 Nov, 2022
20 November 2014 (Thu)
Rm 101, Runme Shaw Building, HKU
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The International Computer and Information Literacy Study 2013 (ICILS2013) (<a target=""></a>) is the first large-scale international comparative study on students&rsquo; ability to make use of computer and information technology to conduct inquiry, create, communicate and use information safely at home, school and different social and workplace contexts. Including Hong Kong, there were 21 countries and education systems that participated in this international comparative study conducted under the auspices of the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA).

The Hong Kong component of the ICILS 2013 study was conducted by the Centre for Information Technology in Education of The University of Hong Kong. About 2,000 grade 8 students from 118 randomly sampled schools in different districts in Hong Kong participated in the performance assessment of computer and information literacy, a test that was designed by the IEA research team with inputs from the research teams of the participating systems.

In addition to the sampled students&rsquo; participation in the performance assessment and background questionnaire, approximately 1,300 teachers who teach grade 8 classes and over 100 principals from the sampled schools also took part in the questionnaire survey.

In this press briefing, key findings will be presented

<li>Performance of Hong Kong grade 8 (secondary 2) students in the first International Computer and Information Literacy Study in comparison with international peers.</li>
<li>Students&rsquo; personal and home background and their CIL achievement.</li>
<li>Usage of ICT by Hong Kong grade 8 students&rsquo; at home and in school.</li>
<li>Supports for pedagogical use of ICT in teaching and learning activities in secondary schools in Hong Kong.</li>
<li>Pedagogical use of ICT by subject teachers in grade 8 (secondary 2) classes in Hong Kong.</li>
<li>Other student, home and school factors&rsquo; influence on Hong Kong students&rsquo; CIL achievement.</li>

* The presentation will be in Cantonese
* Bilingual press materials will be available

All are welcome. No registration required.

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