ISF : The New Cyberport Independent Schools Foundation (ISF) Academy 弘立書院 and the Qualities of the Teachers They Look For

Updated: 1:47pm, 14 Nov, 2022
16 November 2002 (Sat)
RM205, Runme Shaw Building, HKU
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The ISF Academy, a new PIS through-train school, has been receiving a lot of publicity in the press recently, because of its association with the Cyberport and high profile academics like Prof. Ko ("father of the optic fibre") and the PVC of HKU, Prof. K M Cheng. The vision and anticipated mode of learning and teaching in this new school is very different from the schools we generally find in Hong Kong in many ways. In this seminar, Dr. Tsang will give an overview of the school and describe the qualities of the teachers they look for in this new school.

While the public is very much interested in how the school selects students for admission in September 2003 when the school formally opens, the school is also looking for teachers in various subject areas as well as a technology coordinator who can support the many curriculum innovations in the school. Serving teachers and student teachers who are interested in finding out about the possibilities of pursuing their teaching career in this school can find out more from the Principal during this seminar.

About the speaker(s):

Dr. Felicia Tsang was born and raised in Hong Kong. She has received two B.Sc. Degrees - in Electrical Engineering and Life Sciences - from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a Master degree in Biomedical Engineering from artmouth College and a Ph.D. from Boston University. She spent years at the Harvard Medical School researching high-energy radiation in cancer therapy.

Dr. Tsang has taught at the secondary-school and university levels and has held various positions in Science and Technology Education. Her work in education has focused on research on current learning theories and the use of technology in education. She has developed programs for national and international science and technology centers in the USA. Curriculum materials developed by Dr. Tsang and her colleagues were published by the National Science Teachers Association, and have been adopted by numerous middle schools in the United States. Her recent work has been in curriculum development and assessment in multicultural and multilingual settings. She was a co-founder and a governing director of a public charter school in Massachusetts and the head of a Chinese language school for American born children.

For more information about the visions and background of The ISF Academy, please refer to the attached document that was the press release sent out by the academy for a press conference held on 25 Sept 02. For enquiries, please call 28771181.

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