"Reading Battle" Dissemination Symposium (優質教育基金「閱讀大挑戰」計劃發佈會)

Updated: 12:06pm, 17 Nov, 2022
17 July 2014 (Thu)
Rayson Huang Theatre, The University of Hong Kong (香港大學黃麗松講堂)
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This project is a three-year project supported by the Quality Education Fund until Feb 2016. The overall goal is to enhance reading interest and strengthen reading comprehension ability of primary school students through an engaging, fun, and interactive e-quiz cloud service called the “Reading Battle”.

Students attempt quizzes online after reading children’s literature borrowed from the school library. They receive scaffolding support online while attempting the quizzes.  To motivate students’ participation, students can compete with their classmates, and compete with students from other participating schools as well. Teachers can monitor students' progress through reports available from the system. A system demo and experience sharing sessions have been arranged in this dissemination. The project is open to more schools to join in the coming September.

Time Details
16:00-16:20 Project overview and system demo of Reading Battle (Dr. Samuel K.W. Chu, HKU)
16:20-16:35 Award ceremony
16:35-16:55 Implementation tips sharing from participating teachers (in Cantonese)
16:55-17:00 Break
17:00-17:25 Experience sharing (Ms. Helen Chan, Lam Tin Methodist Primary School) (in English)
17:25-17:50 Experience sharing (Ms. June Wong, Hop Lap Primary School) (in Putonghua)
17:50-18:00 School recruitment and Conclusion

Language: Putonghua and English


Dr. Samuel K. W. Chu, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, HKU
Ms. Helen Chan, Lam Tin Methodist Primary School
Ms. June Wong, Hop Lap Primary School


學生 利用課餘時間閱讀從學校圖書館借出的書籍後,可登入雲端兒童文學測驗庫進行電子測驗,以發展其閱讀理解能力。他們也可以與同學,甚至其他學校的學生進行比 賽。學生完成讀後測驗後,教師可從網上數據庫理解學生的進度,並能更有效地量度及分析他們的閱讀理解水平。是次發佈會備有系統示範環節及參與學校的經驗分 享,歡迎學校於來年9月參與此計劃。

時間 活動內容
16:00-16:20 介紹計劃及示範「閱讀大挑戰」(香港大學教育學院 朱啟華副教授)
16:20-16:35 頒發獎狀
16:35-16:55 分享實施心得 (參與學校老師)
16:55-17:00 小休
17:00-17:25 參與學校分享 (藍田循道衛理小學  陳敏儀老師)
17:25-17:50 參與學校分享 (嗇色園主辦可立小學 黃毅娟老師)
17:50-18:00 招募學校及總結



香港大學教育學院  朱啟華副教授
藍田循道衛理小學 學校圖書館主任 陳敏儀老師
嗇色園主辦可立小學 學校圖書館主任  黃毅娟老師

About the speaker(s):

<p>Dr. Samuel Kai Wah Chu is the Head of Division of Information and Technology Studies and an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education. He is also the Deputy Director (Centre for Information Technology in Education) in the Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong.</p>
<p>He has published over 150 articles and books including key journals in the area of IT in education (e.g., Computers &amp; Education, Journal of Educational Technology &amp; Society), information and library science (e.g., Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, Library &amp; Information Science Research), school librarianship (e.g., School Library Media Research, School Libraries Worldwide), academic librarianship (e.g., Journal of Academic Librarianship) and knowledge management (e.g., Journal of Intellectual Capital). He is also the author of a series of children story books published by Pearson Longman Hong Kong, including My Pet Hamsters and The Chocolate Boy.</p>
<p>Dr Chu is the Associate Editor (Asia) for Online Information Review: The International Journal of Digital Information Research and Use. He is also the Asia Regional Editor for Journal of Information &amp; Knowledge Management and an Editorial Board Member for Library &amp; Information Science Research and School Libraries Worldwide. His research interests cover the areas of 21st century skills, social media in education, collaborative inquiry project-based learning, digital literacies (information, media, &amp; technology literacy), school and academic librarianship, game-based learning, and knowledge management and intellectual capital.</p>
<p>Dr Chu has obtained over 30 research/project grants with a total funding of US$1,226,285 (as the Principle Investigator and US$570,550 (as a Co-Investigator). He is also the recipient of his Faculty&#39;s Outstanding Researcher Award in 2013.</p>

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