“Reforming Learning and Learning to Reform” Symposium

Updated: 3:48pm, 21 Oct, 2022
28 May 2005 (Sat)
Rayson Huang Theatre, University of Hong Kong
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The education reform started with the revisit of Aims of Education in 1999 and the formal launch of the curriculum reform document Learning to Learn in 2000 has basically changed the discourse in schools. It can be said that all the changes that were made since then at the system level, including the reform in senior secondary structure and curriculum ( 3 + 3 + 4 ) and the revised MOI policy are efforts to support the achievement of the same goals establish in 2000 to reform learning goals and learning practices. These are all efforts to Reform Learning. However, it is often the case that reform efforts are perceived as isolated structural changes so that schools and teachers get buried in the day-to-day pragmatics of implementations. The focus of attention becomes shifted away from the challenge of achieving the new learning goals to finding ways of adopting new activity structures and practices. We now face the next big challenge sustaining and extending the impact of the reform efforts achieved so far. It is often the case of reform initiatives around the world that what gets noticed and disseminated are often the activity structures and curriculum resources that were generated. The adoption of these resources and activities alone may not achieve real gains in learning outcome and changes in learning practices, and may even become burdensome and meaningless. We need to Learn to Reform in order to sustain and extend the fruits of our reform. This one day symposium is an effort to bring the education community together to establish a dialogue on learning, reforming learning and learning to reform. The dialogue will involve students, teachers, principals, parents and policy makers.

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