Workshop on School-Based Portfolio Assessment of IT Competency for School Principals in Partnerships Schools

Updated: 2:28pm, 25 Oct, 2022
15 March 2000 (Wed)
Room 101 Runme Shaw Building, HKU
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Objectives :

1. To introduce school principals to the concepts of portfolio assessment as layout in the IT competency requirements for teacher training in IT in education

2. To explore with participants the knowledge and skills required to conduct portfolio assessment

3. To explore with participants the staff development strategy to help teachers face the challenge of portfolio assessment of IT competency

4. To explore with participants methods of implementing portfolio assessment of IT competency at schools

As part of the program of the School-University Partnership Scheme for Teacher Education and Teacher Development (SUPS), principals in the 27 Partnership Schools are now being offered the privilege to attend the workshop free of charge and on a first come first served basis. One seat will be accepted for each school.


Part I - Introduction to IT competency requirements and portfolio assessment
Part II - Workshop discussion

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