Job Vacancies

Part-time student helpers


The Centre for Information Technology in Education within the Faculty of Education, HKU is looking for student helpers for various STEM-related research projects of our Centre.


Candidates should be undergraduate students of HKU.  Candidates who study Chinese language/ literature as their major or minor subject or who are interested in STEM education would be an advantage. The candidate should have excellent command of written Chinese, preferably also English.  Knowledge in operation of schools and education is preferred.


To be responsible for going to schools with our project team to support teacher learning co-design meetings, and doing transcription, data collection, analysis and curriculum development support work. Student helpers can complete transcription at home and return the completed transcripts to the project team via email.

Employment Period

From as soon as possible until August 2023.

Salary Range

To be employed on an hourly basis based on an hourly rate of HK$66.00.

Application Method

Students who are interested in this part time job, please visit and complete the tasks below:

  1. Translate part 1 into English;
  2. Translate part 2 into Chinese;
  3. Transcribe the soundtrack into written Chinese;
  4. Write down the time taken of each task and
  5. Send in a brief resume of yourself and time available to, (Attn.: Ms. Bella Chow of CITE.)

Deadline of application: CV & completed tasks should be sent to on or before 15 September 2022. Please refer to for more information of our Centre.

Closing Date

September 15, 2022
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