Publish and share your research: Suggestions from Editors and Librarians

Navigating Academic Publishing: Perspectives of an Author, Reviewer, and Editor

Updated: 10:16am, 22 Feb, 2024
19 December 2023 (Tue)
Zoom (online-only)
Prof. Lin LIN LIPSMEYER , Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, USA
Centre for Information Technology in Education, The University of Hong Kong
The University of Hong Kong Libraries
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In this session, Dr. Lin Lipsmeyer, a full professor of learning sciences and learning technologies, will delve into journal publications through the lens of authors, reviewers, and editors. With a wealth of experience as a scholar of over 110 publications, Dr. Lipsmeyer will share insights into the intricacies of the publication process. Dr. Lin Lipsmeyer's perspectives will be enriched by her role as the Development Editor-in-Chief for the Educational Technology Research and Development (ETR&D) journal since 2018. Through this perspective, Lin will provide an overview of publishing at ETR&D. This session promises a deeper understanding of the dynamics between editors, reviewers, and authors, offering a unique glimpse into the editorial decision-making process within the context of a prominent academic journal.

Navigating successful publication in academic journals remains a formidable challenge, even for seasoned researchers. Authors invest significant time and resources, dedicating months or even years to craft their submissions. When their efforts fail, it signifies not just lost time but potentially lost contributions to the field. In the spirit of fostering an exchange of ideas, Dr. Lipsmeyer aims to cultivate a shared understanding of the nuances in manuscript publications and reviews. This exploration gains particular significance within the rapidly evolving landscape of generative AI. By participating in this session, attendees will gain access to practical strategies, firsthand experiences, and collaborative insights that promise to enrich the journey of academic publishing.

About the speaker(s):

Dr. Lin Lipsmeyer, Professor and Department Chair of Teaching and Learning within SMU's Simmons School of Education & Human Development, holds a doctorate in Instructional Technology and Media from Teachers College, Columbia University. Dr. Lipsmeyer's interdisciplinary research has yielded a portfolio of over 110 scholarly publications in learning sciences and technology-enhanced immersive learning. Dr. Lin Lipsmeyer has served as Principal Investigator (PI), Co-PI, and research investigator on multiple grants funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and various foundations. These projects bridge the domains of learning sciences, artificial intelligence, and STEAM learning. In addition, Dr. Lin Lipsmeyer has been serving as the Development Editor-in-Chief of the Educational Technology Research and Development (ETR&D) journal since 2018. More information can be found at

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